Want to be happier?

Would you like to become free from harmful habits, live in the moment and fulfill your dreams? Do you need wisdom on how to discover your most potent resources, source of true genius and natural inner harmony?

Rooted in ancient wisdom, this new teaching helps everyone to put their consciousness into practical use and realize their own immense potentiality.


Understand yourself, others and the world – begin with a webinar, book or a masterclass


The Art of Conscious Change – a unique inner technology for both success and spiritual growth


Learn the ancient science of Babaji Kriya Yoga to discover your full potential and deepest roots

Helping to bring out the best

My background consists of over 30 years of personal practice and research on human nature. During 25 years I have taught practical application of consciousness to more than 15 000 people and witnessed thousands of lives change for the better. My first book “Emotions…” became Estonias’ bestseller 2018. People know me as the creator of The Art of Conscious Change (AoCC), founder of The School of Practical Awareness, Kriya Yoga acharya and revitalizer of ancient inner technologies. European media has named it a “new teaching for humankind” and an interesting parallel – in the US I’m introduced as the “Leonardo Da Vinci of inner world”.

As a result of my practice, I found what everyone is looking for. And now I help others to achieve the same.

Thousands of people have achieved complete and permanent freedom
from anxiety, anger, loneliness, worry and countless other obstacles.
See how this has been possible:

Freedom from the autopilot

I help people to put their consciousness into practical use. This enables them to liberate themselves from the autopilot and upgrade humanity to our highest potential.

Would we all agree to apply these simple consciousness-based techniques to release our emotions – even if for just one day – we would wake up to a different humanity on the next. Such is our power!