Ingvar Villido. Acharya Ishwarananda

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    I see people on the street with a bold look in their eyes. They don’t turn away when our eyes meet and there’s a natural kindness in their gaze. They don´t wear the mask of positivity. These people are free from prejudices and preconceptions and move through life without depression, exhaustion, and frustration. It’s obvious that they aren’t in a hurry. Instead, they live their lives purposefully – using their awareness to be in full control of everything they do. 

    Their ability to accomplish anything they work on is amazing. They don’t get distracted from the task at hand or daydream about the past or future. They do not worry about the past or the future, because they live consciously in the present moment. They are always ready to listen and share relevant and practical advice. Living in the here and now frees them from boredom and they find satisfaction and motivation in their own actions rather than through praise, critique, or recognition from others. They live an ordered, focused life and do everything as well as possible which makes them highly valued by friends, family, and colleagues.

    You can become one of these people. In just three or four years you can learn how to fix your life when things go wrong. You can develop the skills to redesign yourself and lead a better and more fulfilling life than you have today. You can learn to recognize negative thoughts and ideas and rid yourself of them fast and for good.

    With these new skills, you can become your own best friend. You can be your own mentor and, if necessary, your own psychologist. You’ll develop new concentration skills and learn to use your awareness, insight, and intuition to inspire fast and powerful actions that you couldn’t imagine yourself doing before. You’ll become a real homo sapiens sapiens: a Human 2.0.

    Becoming a Human 2.0 means learning to use awareness as the main tool in your everyday life. It means knowing your True Self and, by your own power, freeing yourself from harmful habits, emotions, and thoughts. Becoming a Human 2.0 means being creative, active, effective, and successful in every action and decision you make.